Aj mason friday the 13th

Duration: 12min 36sec Views: 805 Submitted: 18.01.2021
Category: Cuckold
She's hot but not skanky, cool personality and a good fixer. I personally like stealth. That's why I use her. Don't find her over-rated since she runs slow and not very far.

Friday the 13th: The Game.

A.J. Mason - Friday the 13th: The Game Wiki

She is unlocked at Level 4. She also wears a silver cross necklace. With the Spring Break clothing pack, AJ receives a customizable one-piece swimsuit. The swimsuit only has 3 design options as of now. New outfit customizations for AJ unlock at levels that end with 4.

A.J. Mason

She's a tough as nails rocker who doesn't take shit from anyone. Her high-Composure stat makes her perfect for maintaining her cool when Jason shows up and starts murdering counselors. She's able to slink around, hide to survive, with a high-Stealth stat as well. Mason is one of the best counselors to pick if you wish to hide from Jason. Her maxed stealth makes it difficult for Jason to find her since she will only make noise if she sprints, moves through water, or attempts to move while out of stamina.
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