Amateur radio contest calendar

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Based on google calendar system, offer the possibilty to integrate calendar events in your google calendar too. Contest information is validated and checked. It is also possible to get a list of contests listed by month. This calendar lists mainly HF contests, and is available also in Dutch language.

Contest Calendar

Ham Radio Contests & Contest Calendar » Electronics Notes

Forthcoming contests operations are included in the tables linked-to below. Note however, this is archival data and is not, as a rule, updated. The older the record, the more likely it is that QSL routes, contact information, and links to Web pages will no longer be accurate. For operations in the forthcoming smaller contests for which I don't create dedicated tables and for operations that are not contest oriented, check the Announced DX Operations ADXO table. These are Web pages specifically designed for and dedicated to a single contest. Typically, they include more than just an announcment or rule list for a single year which can almost always be found in the better "Contest Calendars". Ideally, they're a single "point-of entry" from which one can find "everything you ever wanted to know" about a particular contest and are well maintained and up-to-date.

Ham Radio Contests and Contest Calendar

Contests and contesting add a further dimension to amateur radio operating, proving new challenges and interest to the hobby. Some radio hams even run their calendar by when the contests occur. Amateur radio contests come in many forms and take place on many frequencies.
Lists the names and dates for each contest for a month period starting with the month immediately previous to the current month. Due to the difficulty obtaining accurate contest information, as much as 12 months in advance, not all contests may appear for later months. Lists the names and dates for each contest during a selectable future calendar year that can be accurately predicted in advance. Lists the names and dates for each contest focused on a single state or group of states in the current calendar year.