Anime girl with rainbow hair

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I used my anime list to search for anime titles and I would have to think of which anime characters that corresponds with the color. Each character has to be from a different anime. Each color would have two anime characters. Without using the internet to look up stuff, like searching up "[specify color] haired anime characters" and surfing through AA, I should come up with the characters on my own.

Anime Girl With Rainbow Hair

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How many multicolor hair anime characters can you name? This list ranks the best anime characters with multicolor hair, with the help of your votes. This interactive poll of good anime characters known for their multiple hair colors changes as you vote on it, so make sure to give your favorites some love! If you notice an anime character with multicolor hair missing from the list, go ahead and add them so others can vote up that character too! Momar Arsal Abubakar added Ken Kaneki.

:rainbow: Rainbow Anime Characters :rainbow:

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