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Kids is a American coming-of-age drama film directed by Larry Clark and written by Harmony Korine. They are characterized as hedonists, who engage in sexual acts and substance abuse, throughout the course of a single day. Ben Detrick of the New York Times has described the film as " Lord of the Flies with skateboards, nitrous oxide and hip-hop There is no thunderous moral reckoning, only observational detachment.

Equality At Last: Teen Boys and Girls Have Similar Views on Sex and Porn

Netflix ‘Cuties’ Twerking Poster Drama, Explained

Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. Although it received relatively positive reviews at Sundance earlier this year — remember when we could go to movie theaters , much less whole film festivals? To back up, in August of , Netflix started promoting the film. It used a picture of a young Senegalese Muslim character, Amy, along with the titular Cuties — the dance crew of cool girls from her middle school in Paris — in spandex dance costumes short-shorts and metallic crop tops. Removed is perhaps the wrong word for an as-yet-unreleased film, but we have larger problems to address here. In the first week, over 40, people signed the petition. Now, that number is closer to ,

Girls asked for nudes by up to 11 boys a night, Ofsted finds

Some girls can be contacted by up to 11 boys a night asking for nude images, the schools watchdog for England says. In an Ofsted survey, girls explained that if they blocked boys on social media "they just create multiple accounts to harass you". The report also found nine in 10 girls believed that sexist name-calling and being sent unwanted explicit photos or videos happened "a lot" or "sometimes" between their peers. The watchdog is warning that sexual harassment has become "normalised" among school-age children. Students often do not see the point of reporting abuse and many teachers underestimate the scale of these problems, Ofsted says.
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