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Something has been happening in the bedroom occasionally. For most of our marriage, once I ejaculate I collapse due to refractory. This leaves me still horny with my wife dripping with a creampie. Flashback to my late teens: I began to experiment with masturbation. Due to my flexibility and lean body build, I found that I was able to self-suck. I would pull my legs into the air, lean forward and blow myself, which ultimately led to swallowing my own ejaculation.

I [M] ate my own creampie [MF]

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However, that feeling quickly fades and becomes repulsive as soon as you let that seed go. Why is this? Why do we get so worked up and ready to drain our balls in to our own mouths to find out how it tastes, only to pussy out right after the explosion? Fucking despicable, I tell you. I found a fool proof way to finally do it. My wife 29F and I got down to business yesterday.

Forced creampie eating

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