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So Fire Emblem Heroes units in swimsuits are popular. Who knew? But are they actually worth summoning? Read this in-depth guide to find out. Thanks to GamePress for providing me with much of my research.

Fire Emblem Heroes Nohrian Summer Heroes Guide: Should You Pull?

Fire Emblem Heroes Nohrian Summer Heroes Guide | cammy4council.com

Standard blade tome setup, Summer Corrin F strongly wants to have flier teammates that can provide Hone Fliers and Fortify Fliers buffs in order to power her blade tome for massive damage output. Each of her two attacks will be dealing massive damage thanks to her blade tome, resulting in her having incredible offensive potential that few units can withstand. Choice of special is based on preference. Glimmer works well with the massive damage output from a blade tome, as it can change a two hit kill into a one hit kill when activated. Compared to Glimmer, Moonbow trades raw damage potential for more reliable damage output, as it will provide a consistent amount of damage no matter how much raw damage Corrin does. Draconic Aura is the option to pick for maximum damage, as the percentage of attack added is actually factoring in the additional damage from blade tome due to buffs, despite how the description reads.

Summer Corrin (F)

Be sure to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates! List of Contents. A higher Spd stat allows Summer Corrin F to prevent follow-up attacks and help her make follow-up attacks on her own.
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