Forced feminization and sissification

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Alicia Castelle writes kinky taboo erotic stories that will excite and entertain you, she's just as dirty as you so what are you waiting for? Contains Intense Sissy Domination Erotica! Contains 4 erotically charged sissy and feminization bdsm domination stories, if you like sissy stories then this is one bundle you don't want to miss. Read more Read less. Previous page.

Ultimate Forced Feminization, Sissy & Sissification Box Set, Book 4

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Cancel anytime. Contains four erotically charged, sissy and feminization BDSM domination stories. If you like sissy stories, then this is one bundle you don't want to miss. This book is a roundup of some of Sexy Shorts, all in one place! Having all these stories in one place, one after another is almost more hotness than I can handle! Great stories and awesome narration. I love just listening to the voice.

Ultimate Forced Feminization, Sissy & Sissification, Box Set #3

Cancel anytime. Would you like to be more in touch with your female side? Are you ready to create a softer "you" and stop all of the negative self-talk? It's time to celebrate who you really are.
Feminization or feminisation see spelling differences , sometimes forced feminization shortened to forcefem or forced femme , [1] [2] and also known as sissification , [3] is a practice in dominance and submission or kink subcultures, involving reversal of gender roles and making a submissive male take on a feminine role, which includes cross-dressing. Subsets of the practice include sissy training and variations thereof, where the submissive male is trained to become feminine. Feminization as a sexual fetish is not the same thing as being a transgender woman , and the submissive partners engaging in it are typically heterosexual men.