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Lil Nas X is the most homoerotic man in music right now. As he gears up for the release of his debut album Montero this summer, the singer and rapper, who first hit the big time with the hit single Old Town Road, has put his sexuality front and centre of his campaign. Released in March, the video for the album's lead single Montero Call Me By Your Name saw him pole-dance into the fiery depths of hell, before giving the devil a lap-dance, while wearing thigh high boots. Performing the song on Saturday Night Live in May, he was clad in a leather two-piece painted with red flames, with his oiled-up torso on display, as half-naked men danced behind him, and one of them even licked him. Then, in another appearance at the BET awards a couple of weeks ago, he went one step further, giving a passionate kiss to one of his backing dancers while dressed as a pharaoh. As for those who might take issue with such displays of queerness?

What’s Good about Being Gay?: Perspectives from Youth

Stigma and Discrimination Affects Gay and Bisexual Men's Health | CDC

Homophobia, stigma negative and usually unfair beliefs , and discrimination unfairly treating a person or group of people against gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men still exist in the United States and can negatively affect the health and well-being of this community. These negative beliefs and actions can affect the physical and mental health of gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men, whether they seek and are able to get health services, and the quality of the services they may receive. Such barriers to health must be addressed at different levels of society, such as health care settings, work places, and schools to improve the health of gay and bisexual men throughout their lives. Some people may have negative attitudes toward gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men.

Klinefelter Syndrome

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Klinefelter syndrome can cause problems with learning and sexual development in guys. It's a genetic condition meaning a person is born with it. Klinefelter syndrome only affects males. It happens because of a difference deep inside the body's cells, in microscopic strings of DNA what make up genes called chromosomes.