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By Adam Yoe 1. Ostensibly an Instagram account, the Virginia collective of Jack Cooper, Dakota Hollandsworth, and Noah Trout, are responsible for cultivating an an online presence that I hereby dub an essential follow for hardcore fans. Managing to keep tabs on what feels like literally every release of the year, Jack Cooper of What It Takes was kind enough to indulge me some questions, lest I continue to sit here in slack-jawed awe of their work ethic. They are exceedingly warm, kind, and, perhaps most importantly; widening the door for new folks and expanding the collective palate for the rest of us already here. What It Takes is a hardcore blog intent on providing an equitable platform to expose people in the scene who are devoted to the core to bands from all across the globe. The amount of work that must go into something so exhaustive and completist in nature must be mind-boggling.

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Well honestly something did change: it all sounds a bid more fierce, a bid more rough, a bid more sharp. But this suits the more socio political songs about senseless wars, refugees looking for a better life, working class heroes, revolutions, lying politicians, … well. Pick it up and give these Polish punx some support. They deserve it.
This is typically an event where the ultra rich metaphorically jerk each other off in a very public way. I think it was fuckin awesome. She got in for free and the dress was borrowed, plus thus was a total middle finger to the event itself. The Supreme Court struck down the eviction moratorium stating that only congress had the power for such an act. First, there can never be justice as long as our courts exist only to be weaponized by the powerful against then powerless.