How do pornstars last so long

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Viewer discretion is advised! A lot of guys envy porn stars. I mean, how cool would it be to have sex with hot women, AND get paid to do it?! I was watching a video recently, and what struck me the most was simply how long this dude was lasting. I searched through dozens of interviews with porn stars, read countless articles, and even interviewed a doctor to get the skinny on why porn stars last as long as they do.

Male Porn Stars Share Their Secrets For Staying Hard on Set

How Do Porn Stars Last So Long? 5 Tips For Longer Sex (UPDATED )

Hi Bish, I am 17, from London, a guy. I wanted to ask: how do the guys in porn last so long? I am young, and I can last only about minutes max when masturbating to porn, but the guy in the video will go on for an hour?? A drug? Or could it impossibly be the fearsome video editing software?

The secret is out: How male porn stars maintain erections for so long!

Thanks to cheap sitcom jokes, the marathon power poundings of porn , and a host of other cultural and societal pressures, many men worry about not lasting long enough in bed. Lasting as long as Kanye West , they learn, is a perquisite for good sex and self-respect. Popping off too early is visceral proof they cannot please a partner or live up to the expectations of masculinity.
Fans of pornographic movies might have wondered how actors are able to go minutes, often hours, during sex. You are about to learn their secrets. Sometimes, the shots are shot out of sequence in a porn film.