How to insert a tampon real demonstration

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Question: do you really know how to use a tampon? Hundreds of women in the UK do not know how to use tampons correctly. There are a number of factors at play here. For women from broken homes or disadvantaged backgrounds, being guided by their parental figures likely took a backseat. Even for those whose parents taught them about period products, misinformation can be rife.

How to Insert a Tampon

How You Should Use Tampon: Demonstration - New Kids Center

Last Updated: September 23, References Approved. With over six years of medical experience, he specializes in gynecologic oncology, gynecological disorders, obstetrics, gynecological cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and robotic and minimally invasive surgery. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 1,, times. Inserting a tampon for the first time can be a scary and intimidating experience. However, it's easier than you think, as long as you know how to insert it correctly. This wikiHow will show you how.

How to use a tampon: If you’ve never learnt, let our expert guide help

About Us Login. Dealing with your monthly cycles can be a roller coaster of emotions and mess. You may be dealing with PMS, cramps, and bloating before, during and after your period.
Be sure to read important information about Toxic Shock Syndrome. Click here for answers to question about tampons and their myths. Playtex is a licensed trademark.