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Welcome to our Jane Romero builds for Dead by Daylight. And a solo build for those of you that are playing alone! From left to right: Head On, Poised and Solidarity. Jane Romero has three teachable perks that you can unlock for all survivors at lvl 30, 35, and For our beginner build, you only need Jane Romero and no teachable perks from other survivors. If you have a spare medkit or toolbox, feel free to use them.

Jane Romero Lore

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Jane brings in three really solid teachable perks that can be used in many different builds. When using Poised, once a generator is completed anywhere on the map, you will not leave Scratch Marks for the killer to track you with for the next 10 seconds. The Killer not being able to see your scratch marks is an insanely strong advantage to you, and when you combine these perks with others with the same goal, your chances of being found are very slim, and your chances of escaping a chase are even better. If you do happen to get into a chase, you have an exhaustion perk at your ready, Lithe.

Dead by Daylight – Jane Romero Variety Builds to Climb Ranks

Jane Romero is one of 28 Survivors currently featured in Dead by Daylight. Jane Romero is an influential celebrity, going against the grain to tackle challenges head on. Her personal Perks, Solidarity , Poised , and Head On , give her a flexible set of skills that allow her to help others, as well as herself, to escape dangerous situations. Difficulty rating: Intermediate. Jane Romero was the daughter of famous actress, Loretta Lawrence , of whom she had no memory.
If you can help us with this wiki please sign up and help us! Jane Romero is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in Demise of the Faithful. She is an influential celebrity with a knack for taking on her problems with a variety of ways.