Leg shaking after sex

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Then one of my regular readers and participator sent me this question among others : Why the shakes and spasms. Why do some people shake post-orgasm, whether it be legs, arms, or their whole body and is it something to worry about? Many women find that they shake, or have spasms post-orgasm. There seem to be a lot of women whose legs shake after sex.

shaking after sex?

Why Do My Legs Shake After Sex?

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Why do some women shake when they orgasm?

The Big O. Getting off. We may have different terms for it, but we can agree on one thing: Orgasms can be seriously satisfying.
Lots of magical things happen when we orgasm if we manage to reach one, and if you don't, then try this sex position : we feel a rush of pleasure, we live totally in the moment and we feel intimately connected to our partner. But there are some other things that happen too, less desirable things, that you probably wouldn't equate with an orgasm but can happen nonetheless. Not everyone will experience them and others might encounter one or two, but they are all possible side effects of the Big O.