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So she took to painting bras and panties with fabric paint that matched her own skin tone. It was crusty and made the material brittle. But then she saw an online petition calling on bra manufacturers to be more inclusive with their nude coloured intimates. They worked together from ideation to the launch of her product, helping with design, sourcing fabrics, connecting with manufacturers in Colombia and business model development. It was enough to push her out into the world, to help her realize that age-old adage that all entrepreneurs seem to embrace: if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

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So comfortable feels like sim not wearing a bra at all but totally supported. Thanks Chantalle! These underwear are a perfect addition. They are soft comfortable and breathable.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. We are in the middle of a cultural and ethical reckoning in the fashion industry, and a whole lot of solutions that should have been obvious are just now being redressed. Take the case of nude lingerie: Obviously, our nude bodies come in a wide array of shades beyond that Eurocentric pinky-beige. From Band-Aids to ballet shoes, lipstick to lingerie, the concept of nude has been defined very narrowly for centuries. Incredibly, it was only in that an outcry through DoSomething.
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