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The preference for a son at birth is one of the key issues of demographic studies conducted in less-developed countries; however, exploration of preference for sex of children among women in Nepal is rare. This paper estimates the likelihood of preference for a son or a daughter using the Nepal Demographic and Health Survey NDHS data, which contains a nationally representative sample of 12, Nepalese women. A multinomial logistic regression analysis shows that son and daughter preferences vary widely across ethnicities, educational and economic status, and rural-urban region. Regarding ethnic origin, women from the Hill Janajati the largest ethnic minority group that consists of many sub-ethnic groups prefer daughters more than the top two caste groups, the Hill Brahman and Chhetri , whereas the Terai Brahman , Terai Dalit , Muslim , and other ethnic minority women prefer sons more than the top two caste groups do. Similarly, less educated, poorer, and rural women prefer a son, unlike more educated, richer, and urban women in general. Women who desire more of either sex end up with more children in their household.

Women and Sexuality in Nepal A Study Report

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Critical to such studies, and increasingly considered essential to HIV prevention efforts, is the gender constructs and power dynamics within relationships. For the purpose of analyses, we included a sample of 4, men, aged 15—49 years. During data analyses, we used multivariate logistic regression models, adjusted for the following variables: age, region, residence, religion, educational level, wealth index, employment status, and cigarette smoking status. Respondents reporting the endorsement of violence against wives aOR: 1. Our findings highlight the need to develop and implement specifically tailored interventions toward male clients of FSWs, with a particular emphasis on promoting equitable gender roles and beliefs.

Sexual coercion of married women in Nepal

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