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Who doesn't love a good teen movie?! It's absolutely impossible not to enjoy teen classics like Clueless , Mean Girls , She's All That , and the list goes on and on. Even though we're not teens anymore, that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy watching high schoolers come of age and struggle with everything from friendship problems to first love to all kinds of drama and conflict. In , a film came out that spoofed and satirized all of our faves. The major storyline is all She's All That : a popular boy wants to win a bet and make over a so-called unattractive, unpopular girl who is, of course, totally fine and smarter than everyone else.


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These are as obvious a choice for parody as horror films, as both have well defined narrative parameters and a closet full of generic conventions. Both horror and high school films make their most direct marketing appeals to young audiences. Both address teen sexual anxiety and desire; both consider the effects of adolescent physical changes and peer competitions. In Scary Movie , we see Carmen Electra, riffing on Drew Barrymore in the first Scream , running across a darkened lawn, chased by the killer, while jetting sprinklers drench what little clothing she has on. But it is also one of the funnier running gags in the film.

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Cerina Vincent born February 7, is an American actress and writer. She had her breakthrough role starring as Maya in the television series Power Rangers Lost Galaxy , followed by a part in the comedy film Not Another Teen Movie , before going on to star in the horror film Cabin Fever , which established her as a " scream queen " and led to further roles in horror movies. Joel Gator.