Nude in germany

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By the 20th century the culture of communal nudity and its benefits to public health blossomed in Germany as an alternative to the stresses of industrialised, urban life. Under the term's "naturism" and "nudism", it is now internationally widespread, with associations and designated recreational environments in numerous countries in Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean; [2] the largest distribution is still found in German-speaking countries and Scandinavia. The practice of communal nudity is an essential characteristic of naturism, making, as it does, the maximum use of the natural agents of sun, air and water. It restores one's physical and mental balance through being able to relax in natural surroundings, by exercise and respect for the basic principles of hygiene and diet. It encourages many activities that develop one's creativity.

Naturism in Germany

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Adamski, a police officer in Berlin who investigates organized crime, first started going to a nudist camp at a lake outside Berlin after he met his wife, whose family owned a cabin there. One weekend, when he had just about gotten used to stripping in front of his in-laws, he bumped into the highest-ranking colonel in his precinct — who promptly challenged him to a game of table tennis. Adamski said as he prepared to join a triathlon where the swimming and running portions of the race were naked. Germans love to get naked.

Where to get naked in Germany

Facebook Twitter Email. CNN — When I was a kid, my father always used to sunbathe nude in our garden at weekends. In public pools, children of all ages were allowed to run around naked all the time. Even now I'm comfortable with getting naked in the sauna or gym changing room. Maybe it's because I'm German.
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