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Ancient Greek legend has it that in BC, an Olympic athlete named Orsippus of Megara was competing in the m run when his loincloth slipped off. Rather than stop to hide his shame, Orsippus sprinted on and won the race. His triumphant example stuck. Nude athletic competition — often emphasised through the liberal anointment of olive oil — became all the rage in Greece, seen as the ultimate tribute to Zeus. By the time the modern Olympics were revived in , however, the cultural tides had long since turned. The organisers didn't even consider bringing back the Greek tradition of naked competition.

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If the modern Olympic Games ran true to the strict customs of ancient Greece they might well today have been called the "Naked Games". From the early 8th century BC, Olympic athletes competed in the nude. There are indisputable records going back to Athenian philosopher Plato in the 5th century BC and even Homer's Iliad, as well as many explicit drawings that confirm it was common practice for all male track and field athletes to take part naked. This included the often dangerous sports of discus throwing, wrestling, boxing and horse racing without protective clothing. The only exception seems to have been for charioteers, who wore long white tunics.

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