Pulling hair during sex

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The Art of Scratching. Blows and Sighs. These may sound like chapter titles in a BDSM manual. Yeah, apparently people have been having rough sex since the dawn of time. And experts say there are legit physiological and psychological explanations for our love of whips and spanking.

How to Safely Pull Hair During Sex

A Guide to Hair Pulling during Sex

Everyone has an opinion on how to have better sex. Skip these and stick to the basics. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! This sounds considerate but may be the most problematic of all sex information. If you make orgasm the only positive outcome, that pressure can get in the way of orgasm and any other enjoyment.

Why Some Women Love Rough Sex—and 4 Hot Ways to Try It

The move: Making a ton of noise when you orgasm. What guys think: Sex noises and dirty talk are always great, but focus on your orgasm, not on yelling. Some women get sort of quiet right before their big moment.
A good percentage of women like with anything, not all women, but a good percentage , enjoy having their hair pulled during sex. In fact, out of , OkCupid members surveyed, 62 percent of women admitted to enjoying rough sex and that hair pulling specifically turned them on. It seems the reason behind this desire may be more physiological than psychological…. Hence, why having a scalp massage feels good.