Quad amputee woman

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But Lindsay Ess will never see it that way, because her hands once belonged to someone else. Growing up in Texas and Virginia, Lindsay, 29, was always one of the pretty girls. She went to college, did some modeling and started building a career in fashion, with an eye on producing fashion shows. When she was 24 years old, Lindsay had just graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University's well-regarded fashion program when she developed a blockage in her small intestine from Crohn's Disease. After having surgery to correct the problem, an infection took over and shut down her entire body.

Life as a quadruple amputee and more – Mandy McCracken

This quad-amputee became a blade runner at 36 and is now preparing for the Paralympics

Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker, young wife, mother, devout Christian, and awe-inspiring spirit is the bubbly South Florida woman who is becoming an international figure due to her ability to motivate countless lives without initially intending to do so. The now year old Kayleigh captured global headlines in when she suffered a trilogy of unexpected experiences beyond what most people could ever fathom, yet remained steadfast in her spiritual faith in spite of her new circumstances. It was during her sixth month of pregnancy that Kayleigh suddenly became ill one evening and had to be rushed to a local hospital. What transpired next would forever change her life and the lives of her family members and friends. Shortly after entering the hospital's Emergency Room, Kayleigh was diagnosed with a very severe infection and sepsis was quickly spreading throughout her body.

Hannah: the body positive quadruple amputee

I can hear our endless chats during the waits between action: What will you eat when you get home? I can remember the camaraderie and the jokes. And those little miracles, like the time the Army sent us beautiful T-bone steaks. But we had no fridge, so us 20 guys had to eat them all right away. It's not what most people would expect, but those are the moments I think about when I remember my days serving in Afghanistan.
In , Shalini Saraswathi was in Cambodia celebrating her fourth wedding anniversary with her husband when she contracted rickettsia with morts, a rare bacterial disease that is endemic to Southeast Asia. It was only a month after coming back that Shalini started showing symptoms like fatigue and fever. However, she attributed it to her pregnancy and continued with her work. However, the symptoms persisted, but doctors suspected dengue or malaria as her platelet count was very low.