Queen of the damned bathtub scene

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Starring Aaliyah as the titular character, this was supposed to mark the beginning of her crossover into movies, having already secured the role of Zee in Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. Aaliyah passed away 6 months before Queen of the Damned was released and the movie is dedicated to her. This supposed horror movie starts with the voice-over narration by our antihero the vampire Lestat, played by failure to launch actor Stuart Townsend, awaking from his century-long slumber and deciding to become a rock star. At the press conference for his well-anticipated?

Akasha, Lestat - bathtub scene

Lestat and akasha hot scene ^^ | Queen of the damned, Akasha, Haughton

If you think what we do is worthwhile, please donate or become a member advertisement Queen of the Damned R - 5. The late Aaliyah co-stars as an ancient, malevolent vampire queen who is awakened from her centuries long slumber by Lestat's rock tunes the infamous vampire has reinvented himself as a rock star in contemporary America and decides to make him her king. Complications arise when a young woman Marguerite Moreau falls for Lestat too. A male and female vampire appear to be having sex, although it is not clear: we see them, behind a sheer curtain, on top of each other hovering over a bed. A female vampire slinks through a bar and invites a male vampire to join her on the dance floor where they kiss briefly. When vampires drink blood from each other they appear to be getting some sexual pleasure from the act; they moan as if they are having sex.

“Sex, Blood, and Rock-n-Roll”

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