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We interpreted this abbreviation to mean that BDSM has an advantage over vanilla sex because of the deliberate acknowledgment of safety between partners. Over the next decade, SSC entered the BDSM lexicon as the slogan of choice to describe a code of conduct, but by the early s, some members of the community took issue with it for a few reasons:. Clear negotiation is necessary to ensure that all parties are aware of those risks going into a scene. After learning all this and considering both abbreviations in the context of what we do, it seemed to us that RACK made a whole lot more sense than SSC.

Risk-aware consensual kink

S.S.C. vs R.A.C.K | Foundation for Sex Positive Culture

Thinking about safety as a kinkster is extremely important. Like everything else we do in kink, the one you follow is up to you. Whatever you choose to follow, you need to understand what it means and how it relates to you and your potential partners. Ultimately, you need to choose whatever speaks to your style and philosophy about safety.

Safety in BDSM: Understanding SSC, RACK, and PRICK

Let me start by saying that I am not trying to tell you what you should believe, just giving you a little food for thought. As soon as you claim that you are aware of the risk, but you go forward anyway, you have raised your legal culpability from negligent to reckless. That is my professional opposition to the R. From a personal perspective, it was just unnecessary, as all the elements of R. K were already present in S.
Risk-aware consensual kink RACK , also risk-accepted consensual kink is an acronym used by some of the BDSM community [1] [2] to describe a philosophical view that is generally permissive of certain risky sexual behaviors, as long as the participants are fully aware of the risks. By acknowledging that what may be safe or sane to one person may not be considered the same to another, the RACK philosophy tends to be more inclusive of activities that others may consider as edgeplay. Its theory revolves around reasoned, ex-ante commitment, including the possible consequences of riskier play. In contrast, SSC revolves around the end results of play, or the ex-post.