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And she looked great. The episode was called "You Broke Your Vow". I seem to remember that, she hooks up with an artist and turns out she's a gargoyle or something. The vow breaking comes when one of the pictures he drew of her gets leaked. Something like that.

Rae Dawn reveals how she spent night with Rolling Stone when she was underage and he was married

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Rae Dawn, who has one son and two grandchildren, was a 'hippy dippy' flower child when she met Jagger. She is pictured above in her youth. As she opened the front door, she instantly recognised the swaggering figure before her with his tousled hair and 'rock star grin'. It was the moment the year-old rock idol met year-old budding actress Rae Dawn Chong, who last night sensationally revealed she and Sir Mick had a two-day fling in while he was still married to first wife Bianca. Rae Dawn, best-known for her role in the action film Commando, met the womanising rocker during a trip to New York.

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R ae Dawn Chong is in New York, trying to explain how she became the first actress of Cherokee-Chinese-African-French-Scottish-Irish heritage ever to land a part originally written for a blue-eyed blonde. I want people to see me. She simply blew us a way. Though Chong has appeared in a half dozen films in the past four years, playing supporting roles as diverse as her ethnic background, none of them has been what you would call big at the box office.
She was born on 28 th February in in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her parents are Tommy Chong and Gail Lewis. She has graced the screen of the series Melrose Place by playing the character of Carrie Fellows. She also had the role of Dr. Peggy Fowler in Mysterious Ways.