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Fans often get together on Reddit to discuss speculation about the students, heroes, villains, and plotlines of My Hero Academia. The conversations can sometimes turn to agreement, disagreement, or just overall understanding of why someone formed the opinion in the first place. The topics range from whether or not someone is a good villain to how the creators could have made a fight more meaningful and why an in-depth look at that would have resonated better. With the ongoing fifth season and anticipated U. Most viewers were pleasantly surprised that All Might didn't die since it would have proved a climactic conclusion to his character arc.


10 Unpopular Reddit Opinions About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a raging phenomenon, easily establishing itself as one of the most popular manga of all time and serving up a fresh outlook into the overpopulated superhero genre. It's the ingenious use of the various Quirks in My Hero Academia coupled with a stellar storyline and characters that have helped this series distinguish itself from the rest of the pack and amass a massive following all over the world. Reddit is one such platform where discussions about My Hero Academia have been extremely active. Through this, some truly controversial takes have been shared that can stir up the hearts of any fan of the series.


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