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By Nicki Gostin. You know, seeing her every couple of years is not nearly enough. So, it was just, like, wonderful returning to … a soulful friend. It was amazing.

She Fights Off Bad Guys and the Pounds

Seventeen article on Renee O'Connor

Thank God it worked out that way, you know? Answer: Yeah, I think it comes across. We both do. We know each other so well.

‘Xena’ star Renee O’Connor looks back on show’s lesbian undertones

Playing an Amazon on a major TV program comes with major expectations, both in appearance as well as being a believable fighter. O'Connor shared what her workout routine was like to play Gabrielle in a interview with the Los Angeles Times. She used a lot of variety and functional training that would not only allow her to look like a warrior, but to also help her stunt acting with things like kickboxing. At this time, O'Connor would typically work out 6 days per week. She would also go to an indoor gym to do rock climbing twice per week.
Many thanks to Stormy Bard for the following transcript And to Cristin for the scanned pics! Would you believe that brave and buff Renee O'Connor started exercising in high school to shed her baby fat? These days, O'Connor gets lots of exercise just by doing her job-playing the part of Gabrielle, Xena's partner and best friend on the hit television show Xena: Warrior Princess.