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Skip navigation! Story from Jewish American Heritage Month. Lauren Le Vine. Why is May different from all other months? Because visibility is more important than ever before, Refinery29 brings you our celebration of Jewish American culture.

Reconsidering the Jewish American Princess

Addicted to Thin: A Jewish Approach of Enough

This attitude is obviously a problem. I want to talk about how this disdain for non-thin bodies is damaging, harmful, and immoral, and has led to an insidious problem that affects the life of the non-thin American woman. I want to talk about me. I used to be bigger. I was significantly overweight as a child and obese as a teenager, but then lost weight in college. So what does this have to do with clothing? These questions can best be answered with the following story:.

The 16 Types Of Jewish Men You’ll Date In New York

Last year, I published an article in The Washington Post in which I suggested that people ought to cease comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler because to do so, in my opinion, belittled Hitler. Which was it? Was I a Jew or a Nazi? But my identity troubles were far from over, as a number of the Jewish emailers posed a seemingly simple question which complicated the matter even further:. They, of course, are Good Jews.
In the Torah, God promises Abraham more children than there are stars in the sky and grains of sand in the sea. But those children do tend to congregate — New York has the highest Jewish population of any city in the world other than Tel Aviv — higher, even, than Jerusalem. Some of us are stars, and some of us are just beach dirt, and never is that more evident than when dating. As a straight Jewish woman dating mostly Jews in New York City, I crowd-sourced this list from personal experience and from other young Jews who are dating or used to date in the city — male and female, gay and straight, single and married.