Skyrim milk drinker body

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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By SavrenX. This is my personal Lucien Flavius Replacer. Lucien mention himself as milkdrinker. But we all love cute milkdrinker.

Chapter 9: Shelter

The Milk Drinker Ninja (Naruto/Skyrim Crossover) - Chapter 9: Shelter - Wattpad

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In The Milk Drinker, how do I "investigate Marla's story"?

Everything was going perfectly for Nia Shozu. Her many years of training at Konoha's ninja academy had paid off when she graduated, she made a new friend and she was well on her way to following in her older brother's footsteps of becoming a chuunin Walking inside of the stone room hesitantly while heading towards the brazier which was currently providing the warmth that she so desperately wanted, Nia's eyes never left the sleeping man's form who was currently laying at the side of the room on what looked like a bedroll that was made out of animal hides. Though before she even reached the fire, she knew that it would be unlikely for him to get up seeing as he appeared to have a massive gash on his left side which covered the left half of his stomach in blood. And while she would normally be more concerned than she was currently was at the man's wound, she was also cautious as, even though he was laying down, Nia could tell that he was a giant at least three times her height.
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