Tokyo ghoul season 3 episode 9

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Video element not supported by your browser. Post a Comment. Manga readers of course, the number was alarming. But upon watching the episode I find myself in a position where I must disagree. One of the things that received the most hate was indeed the fight between Arima and Kaneki. But this, this very fight was animated way better than I had expected.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 9

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Shuu Tsukiyama finds out about Ken Kaneki and how he is still alive. He runs out into the street without his wheelchair, approaching Haise Sasaki before falling down. Kanae von Rosewald then takes him back home, thinking about how stupid Tsukiyama was for going in front of a ghoul investigator. Later, Sasaki and the Quinx are at Uta's mask shop to get their measurements for Operation Mask, however Sasaki does not get permission to carry out the operation. That evening at the Tsukiyama estate, Mirumo Tsukiyama speaks to Kanae about Tsukiyama, who is researching Kaneki in the meanwhile. Soon after, a servant shows Mirumo the video Shiki Kijima uploaded to the CCG website, on which he Kijima shows the torture of Mairo and says that if they want to save their comrade they'll have to get the location out of Kijima.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 9 Review: play: Departed Spirit

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Enlarge Image. I just love Tsukiyama. Seriously, this guy is the reason why Tokyo Ghoul is so great.