Urethral sex play

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Urethral play is one of these things. Essentially, urethral play involves using objects to stimulate your urethra. This can be done externally, or through penetration. For women, its sole function is to carry urine out of the body. There are a few different ways people can stimulate their urethra. The most obvious is simple external stimulation.

Introduction to Urethral Play

Urethral sounding: a KINKY guide for beginners - Mr. Racy

It involved inserting a slightly curved metal rod into my penis. He explained to me what it was and gave some suggestions for where I could get my own sounds. This is when you take a metal rod, called a sound, and slide it into your urethra. People use it for both pleasure and pain. Once you get used to it, you can easily accomplish both. For example, a light brushing of the hand across my erect member feels magnified.

Everything you need to know about urethral sex toys

Pee closet! Got it? In a medical that is, non-kinky context, the purpose of a sound also spelled sonde is to gently probe, unblock, or expand a passage inside the human body, most commonly a urethra or uterus. The implements for vaginas and penises differ because vaginas have much shorter, differently shaped urethras.
The urethra - you know, the tube that carries pee from the bladder to the outside world when you go to the toilet - is about 20cm long in men and people who have penises. In women and those with vaginas, it's less than 4cm on average. And, there are sex toys designed specifically to stimulate it.