Vanilla sex

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For some it was a chance to show off, for others it was a source of embarrassment — and a fast track to getting wasted. For Lucy, the evenings spent sitting on the floors of student living rooms, clutching a glass of cheap wine and smiling awkwardly, conjure different memories. The turnaround happened when she met her now-husband. We spent ages talking about the chemistry between Marianne and Connell and then went to bed and had the most intense sex! Surely great sex is about doing what you enjoy?

When It Comes to 'Vanilla Sex,' No Two People Taste the Same Flavor

Vanilla Sex: A Perfectly Fine Way to Fuck

That's fine if it's what you and your partner are into—we all like what we like, and that doesn't have to mean those tastes are more specific than "having sex in a bed in a limited set of positions. But if you sometimes think, Hm, maybe there's a few ways to adjust these limited positions from time to time , or otherwise have even the slightest impulse to switch things up, you have options. There are plenty of lo-fi ways to tweak your sex routine in order to add a little novelty to the basics that you know and love without heading into full freaky-deaky territory all of time. Some of these methods don't even involve actual sex-having—they're just ways to shift how you and your partner think and talk about sex and turn each other on.

Conventional sex

According to experts, we're all having — and loving — "boring" sex. Vanilla sex is widely considered to be the most basic way to bang. But I bet if you asked 10 different people to define 'vanilla sex,' you'd get 10 different answers. Because I did ask 10 different women to describe what they consider vanilla sex and every single answer was distinct and nuanced.
Kinky sex is back. As Laura Antoniou, author of popular erotica series The Marketplace puts it , "the mainstream media 'discovers' kinky sex every 10 years or so. That depends on whom you ask. The issue with understanding vanilla—the supposed "standard," mainstream version of sex—is that its definition is relative.