Wickedwhims sims 4 mod

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The Sims 4 is a nice, calm, fairly family friendly game If you are wanting to change your Sims experience from PG to R-Rated then this is the mod that you will use, as it enhances everything in the sexual acts department making it become way more graphic. Here is how to install it. It can potentially make it so you never see The Sims in the same way again!

How to download and use the Wicked Whims mod in The Sims 4

WickedWhims SIMS MOD Download | GameFabrique

WickedWhims The WickedWhims logo. The mod adds realistic nudity and sexual animations to the game, as well as a menstrual cycle for female Sims, birth control, menstrual products, and other small features. The mod also allows for sex animations created by other players to be installed and played in the game, as displayed on the download website. The mod allows changeable settings for pregnancy. For sims who can get pregnant, the default settings leave a chance for pregnancy with vaginal sex animations that depend on where that sim is in their menstrual cycle. The percent chance of pregnancy can be checked by clicking a toilet and selecting "Fertility Awareness Test.

Sims 4 WickedWhims v168.5 – 14 October 2021

WickedWhims is a mod that offers animated sex , nudity interactions, exhibitionism interactions, relationship enhancements and gameplay improvements. Do you want your Sims to have sex? Do you want to try naturism or flash your neighbors?
I have played all of the official expansions for The Sims 4 , but as far as the mods go, what we have here is way to make your Sims world be very, very X-rated indeed. As you would expect, this is a mod that is very much NSFW! While there is truth to that.