Wii fit trainer cosplay

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Wii Fit Trainer is a personal fitness instructor who specializes in yoga. Despite her calm demeanor, she's actually training to kick some Nintendo ass in the next Super Smash Bros. Visit Website View More Posts. How would i give the underarms the blue color.

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Once you make an order, it will take 15 —20 working days to customize your costume by professional dressmaker. Complicated dress may need more than 30 days. Some wigs and Customized shoes will take a litter longer, about 4 to 5 weeks. All the accessories can ship immediately. If you need to attend a convention, please make sure you have enough time for preparing. Our dressmaker will start customizing the dress for you within 2 days after receiving your payment, it's impossible to cancel an order. Please make a careful decision.

Wii Fit Trainer Costume – A DIY Guide

The Wii Fit Trainer started out as nothing more than an on-screen personal trainer for the original Wii Fit by Nintendo which came out in As fans expected her move-set ended up primarily being yoga moves and projectile attacks involving balls from different sports. Creating a Wii Fit Trainer costume is among one of the simplest costumes to put together, not to mention one of the most inexpensive. Be sure to check out some of our other Nintendo cosplay guides!
I'm beginning this personal quest to see if there literally is a Cosplay for anything in gaming. I've been starting each day typing in some random character in gaming and then cosplay right after and seeing what comes up. Today's search of Wii-Fit trainer has me convinced I'm never going to come up dry when I go searching! This quite good, although strangely creepy cosplay is provided by Hayley Elise , who has cosplayed a lot of things in her prolific career, but why Wii-Fit Trainer?! I mean I get that her inclusion in the Super Smash Bros series has boosted her profile quite a bit, but she's essentially an albino "basic" girl with a Wii-mote.